For Angel Investors & VCs

3 Key Outputs:

The VenturePredict web-based product is an in-depth startup analytics tools, and is comprised of the following outputs:

1. Portfolio View of Your Startups

Easily compare, shortlist, and drill-down capability


2. Enterprise Maturity Assessment

Auto-determine investment stage & exit window


3. Investment Score (Overall and per-category)

Overall & category scoring, aligned to key VC value drivers

4. Indicative Startup Valuation & Exit-Multiple

Multi-method startup valuation techniques

Screen faster, reduce funding cycle time, increase hit rate accuracy, and reduce the losses. That's what we're about.

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These outputs give a fuller and richer picture of the startup (or portfolio) by combining existing data-sets with newly acquired data in an intuitive web and mobile interface catering to startup founders, incubators, accelerators, VCs, Angels, and other investors.