What we do

We add value to incubators/accelerators/VCs decision-making & deal-flow processes through our product: a simple-to-use startup screening / scoring tool (driven by sophisticated data-science under-the-hood), with a super-clean user interface.

Our goals are to reduce screening time & increase the investment hit-rate, simultaneously reducing both direct and opportunity costs. It is about picking winners more often and adding a strong evidence-base to the investor's expertise & 'gut-feel'.

When we first started looking at the imperfect market dynamics of startups, characterised by incomplete, asymmetric information, we realised that we can create value for both investors and founders simultaneously. We can do this by completing many missing pieces of information, and validating the success-patterns using machine-learning, against a range of external and proprietary data-sets.

But we don't believe in speculative 'trend-based picking'. VenturePredict leverages an array of fundamental indicators - which align and can be tweaked to your value drivers.



VenturePredict together with StartupAcademy is busy at work on Version 2: An investor-startup matchmaking tool driven by AI.

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VenturePredict is super-excited to partner with StartupAcademy.org in their 3 Day Discovery program, connecting early-stage startups, mentors, and investors from around the world. 

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VenturePredict came 2nd at the Microsoft Startup Bootcamp with Warwick Hill (MSFT Accelerator London)! Big congratulations to Chris O'Halloran coming 1st with Ejetty - www.ejetty.com.au 

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VenturePredict has spoken at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The presentation is on the value machine learning can have on many industries, especially Venture Capital.

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